L. M. Averitt, DVM

L. M. Averitt, DVM graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 1981. She moved to Toano, Virginia and purchased the Toano Animal Clinic in May of 1988. Twelve years later, in the year 2000, she relocated to the facility at 8105 Richmond Road. She is also a published author of a collection of short stories and songs entitled “Seven Songs for Seven Dogs” released in 2017. This is our 25th year in Toano and we hope to have many more!

Aside from taking care of her patients, Dr. Averitt likes to spend time with her own dogs. These include several Longhaired Dachshunds, which she breeds and shows, and her Standard Poodle Grady, who helps her with her three horses on her farm.


Her latest hobby is competing in Canine Agility with her Dachshunds Chester and Sera. She also likes to help others with training their dogs in this sport.

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